Teacher - Dedric Hubbard

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Who are you in christ?

Enduring the ridicule of religious persecution Apostle Hubbard has become a well sought after voice in the gospel circle. His non traditional preaching & teaching has empowered many to seek God for themselves for answers to their destiny, anointing and direction of their ministry. A mentor to many who have come out the religious system of church Apostle Hubbard has introduced a system of checks and balances. To keep title hungry and attention seeking believers away his messages are evident that many do not study to show themselves approved but just repeat what they hear from other leaders.

The Believer Must Believe In Themselves

The Believer Must Become Aware Of Who They Are In Christ.

  • 2-04 The Presence of the Lord (Live)2:57

1. #1 Prophetic website in the world for 3 years in a row 2011-2013.

2. 78,000 tune in weekly to hear Apostle Hubbard's Prophetic Place broadcast on Atlanta's Love 860 AM.

3. 28,000 tune in to listen to Apostle Hubbard's Prophetic Roundtable on Blogtalk Radio.

4. 42,000 tune in to the online campus to view Apostle Hubbard's Live Stream Broadcasts.

5. Over 475,000 people visit this website yearly.

6. Apostle Hubbard has helped established and/or established over 20 ministries with 6 he has apostolic oversight over.

7. A prolific author Apostle Hubbard 1st book sold out on Amazon.com in 3 days.

Ministry Achievements

The Believer Must Demonstrate Authority On Earth