• 1-02 Nobody Greater6:09

‚ÄčApostolic Prophet Dedric Hubbard has taken religion by the tail and has it on the run. Since being called to ministry in 2006 he has become a major force in the ministry circles not one to really boast or post ministerial  obituaries. Which he defines as showing your ministry progress and connections to be accepted as a minister he allows his work, revelation, and knowledge speak for him. When asked about how he gain such a worldwide, international audience he simply tells his testimony he expounds on having getting in trouble with the law early in his adulthood which landed him a felony.

He remember saying God if you get me out of this I'll do what you want me to do. After that he says his life became a blur starting with his hospitalization after being bit by the deadly Brown Recluse spider that nearly took his mind, his vision and his leg.As he recovered only to lose his landscaping business, his home and his automobiles he became homeless for several months. While seeking God for answers to his fallen state he begin to have visions, dreams, and revelations about the call of God on his life. (underconstruction)

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