Enduring the ridicule of religious persecution Apostle Hubbard has become a well sought after voice in the gospel circle. His non traditional preaching & teaching has empowered many to seek God for themselves for answers to their destiny, anointing and direction of their ministry. A mentor to many who have come out the religious system of church Apostle Hubbard has introduced a system of checks and balances. To keep title hungry and attention seeking believers away his messages are evident that many do not study to show themselves approved but just repeat what they hear from other leaders.



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Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center

A prolific and amazing author Apostle Hubbard also operates and amazing book publishing company. Understanding the mandate of equipping the saints goes beyond revelation. But providing the tools to release their end-time revelation to the world go ahead and give them a call.

Apostle Hubbard consistently and constantly travels the world teaching, equipping and declaring the word of God. Please view our events page to see if he is in a town near you or contact him for booking engagements in your city. 

A powerful and anointed teacher of the gospel Apostle Hubbard makes his live stream broadcast available to anyone. Who chooses to the listen just tune in to our live stream page to see what profound revelation that he releases on his website.

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