Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center

  • Now Behold The Lamb6:58
  • 04 Rain On Us5:02
  • 15 God Wants to Heal You5:19
  • Grateful6:55
  • 1-07 I Have a Promise (Standing Repr6:57
  • 1-09 I Belong to You (Live)6:56
  • 1-10 I Surrender All _ We Say Yes (L6:41
  • 2-04 The Presence of the Lord (Live)2:57
  • 10 God Favored Me Pt. I0:00
  • 1-02 Nobody Greater6:09


The Man 

Dedric Hubbard born the 2nd of 2 children by his parents has become a well out-spoken force in the ministry circles having a challenging life he has shaken free from most of the past mistakes, horrors and immature choices. That left him with a child out of wedlock, felony on his record, an injury that nearly left him blind, suicidal thoughts, homeless and a bankrupt business any man taking such hits one behind another would have giving up. But belonging to a family that does not quit is what brought him full circle to overcome all of the past trials, obstacles and situations that came into his life. These series of events is what led to him writing his first book The Wounded Man (A Silent Struggle)  in which he releases a powerful revelation of the internal struggles of men. Many that were supposed to be for him had turned their backs on him as they watched him lose everything he worked for and built to live the so-called perfect life. He often tells his testimony sometimes when asked he starts with being bitten by the poisonous brown recluse spider that almost ended his life is what actually when his life begin. This led to a 30-day stay in a mental home as his eyesight, mental awareness and the ability to speak stop suddenly. Because of a chemical imbalance that was trigger by antibiotics given to him by the hospital this stay caused his lawn-care business of 10 years to collapse. During this stay he goes on to speak of angels manifesting in his life as he struggled to overcome this life-altering event the church he attended accused him of being possessed by demons in which the pastor told the congregation not to fellowship with him. Searching for answers for the spiritual gifts he has been given led him to another ministry thereby, his spirit calmed and gifts being used as he came into his own surviving the traditions of religion he has become a powerful force to those who are operating outside the bondage of religion.)

The Mandate

‚Äč‚ÄčArmed with the knowledge of God has a calling on his life and being the nephew of a pentecostal woman pastor as a child he seen plenty of what he understands now as miracles as a child. The torch of ministry in his family has been passed to him everybody now realizing that he has an apostolic prophetic call on his life he begin searching for people to mentor and help him but the religious environment of church avoided him because he would not give into the legalistic, traditional man-made rules of ministry. After having a chance connection with Jeremy Lopez in which his gifts, callings and anointing were fine-tuned and developed God begin to speak to him the mandate of his ministry in which in 2004 he started Destination Destiny Ministries a ministry of empowerment, teaching and equipping outside of the rules of religion. Dedric often speaks of how God told him to build a website for the ministry and he laughed while telling God no one uses the internet for ministry so as he built the website and purchased the 1-800 number. The ministry immediately took off the exact same day as people from all around the world was calling and visiting his website and when he asked how they found many had the same story as they said God told me to type this name in the search bar. So he begin immediately ministering, teaching and speaking into the lives of people. That were confused in the direction God wanting them to go, as well as becoming a mentor in teaching the gifts God had endowed in their lives.

The Manifestation

Although, many doubted, slandered, defamed and criticized his call into ministry. After a few years operating Destination Destiny Ministry God shifted the ministry and he and friend Woody Winchell opened Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center in Tallahassee, Florida. Going into 2014 the fruits of his ministry and the call of God on his life cannot be denied even though some still try Dedric Hubbard has had the 1# prophetic website in the nation out of 1 million and 860 thousand prophetic websites in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and is still among the top 5 in 2014. He has appeared on Preach The Word Worldwide Network and had a succesful radio show called The Prophetic Place that aired on Atlanta's WEAC radio network. Understanding technology and a strong business mind he started his own television network called MGTV Christian Television Network, his own radio network called MGTV Radio Network. Dedric an aspiring business has his own website design company and publishing company also. Through which he has published some highly successful books such as The Wounded Man (A Silent Struggle), Act Like A Christian Single Then Think Like A Christian Single, Premature Ejaculation (An In-Death Study of Sex) and many more. Through his written works he releases revelation through struggles, strongholds, and bondage that he had to overcome while pursuing what God instructed him to do. Dedric has also become a well-respected playwright with stage-plays such as Situation Critical! Status Single.. God Has Your Mate In Mind, How Can I Overcome God So I Can Live My Life?. To meet Dedric many refer to him as Bro. Hubb or Hub and they will encounter a humble, aspiring, driven man who strives to stay out of the politics, title driven religious box as he speaks to those who wish to learn who they are as individuals in Christ.