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Apostle Hubbard has fastly become a mentor to the unchurched as well as those who are tired of religious constraints. His classes are designed to cater to the individual believer and not the carbon copy display shown in today's leaders.



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A powerful and anointed teacher of the gospel Apostle Hubbard makes his live stream broadcast available to anyone. Who chooses to the listen just tune in to our live stream page to see what profound revelation that he releases on his website

What We Teach:

With the Bible as our guideline and plumb-line of how we release revelations Apostle Hubbard makes sure everything that is being taught measures up to the 4 key scriptures below that has become the foundation of how we operate and minister in the kingdom of God.

1. Solid Foundation - Ephesians 2:19 - 22

2. Solid Insights - Ephesians 1:15-23

3. Solid Power -  Matthew 10:1

4. Solid Evangelism -  Mark 16:15

How We Give 

Apostle Hubbard teaches the spirit of giving to his followers  proving that God's power, mercy, and grace is not determined by the Law of the Tithe in giving, but by the heart of a person, church, and leader in which it gives, breaking down the most powerful law of the church. Apostle Hubbard uses Deuteronomy 14:22-25 as his base scripture in which God instructs the people that if the place of tithing is to far sale the tithe for money. Thus proving in God's eyes tithes was never money so people should not be bound by the law of the tithe that most ministries still teach he teaches that if you are a part of a ministry then there should be a heart to help the ministry financially or any way that you can. Which allows him to teach these 5 ways of giving as mentioned below: 

1. Spiritual Gifts -  2nd Corithians 4:7 Releasing the curse of the law of tithing which will allow people to operate regardless if they are able to give or not thus becoming superior in this past dispensation leadership in which you have to tithe to operate, this approach gives the appeal that ministry is not about money. But about the power God has instilled in us to change generations.

2. Material Gifts - Acts 4:34-35 Allowing the people to give whatever they seem necessary as long as it will promote and enhance the kingdom and not indviduals this approach takes away the days of honor so many in this past leadership enjoy thereby if all can not be honored in their season none can be honored as one.

3. Acts of Kindness - James 1:27 Allowing the people to give freely with whatever the choose whether it be a song from the heart, a word from the Lord, or just a friendly thank you as is accepted as giving in this ministry.

4. Giving In Emptiness - Luke 7:42 Allowing the people to serve regardless if they sow  money or not they have something to offer as a gift to God a song, decorating, landscaping, typing, or coordinating. The best form of giving is when you can't measure it by money but the heart in which you give. 

5. Giving in Spirit - 2nd Corithans 9:7 Allowing the people to bless whoever, whenever, as long as it is whatever the Holy Spirit tells them and not what man requires them. Allowing the compassion of God to give in his season and way of giving,

These 5 biblical sound scriptures are all forms of giving of the heart, soul and spirit not  of law of the tithes in which it will create an atmosphere based on the spirit of God and not the law of man allowing the tradition and the erroneous teaching of the tithes to be dissmissed not holding the people  to the law of the tithe.

How We Operate

1. Spirit - John 16:13  Allowing the Holy Spirit to enlighten the congregation who has the right now word, anointing, and revelation takes the precense out of the one-man dictatorship of this past dispensation leaders which does not allow the time for idolizing a person but to adore God in their establishment.

2. Order - Ephesians 2:20 Allowing the foundational gifts to come forth allows the release of the activation of the other gifts allowing the precense, power, and manifestation to flow in order according to the standards set forth in the Bible.

3. Gifts - Ephesians 4:11 Allowing the gifts to be equipped as individuals and not as in groups of ministers in training allows the Holy Spirit to release each person into their own sphere of anointing, accountability, and power. Promotes the kingdom agenda and allows for kingdom expansion according to the power that works in each individual.
4. Anointing - 1st John 2:27 Allowing the people to prove their anointing instead of promoting their church  connections, licenses, and degrees provides the integrity of the Body of  Christ thereby when prove what they are through man in this ministry you will prove who you are through God. 

5. Season - Ecc. 3:1 Allowing the individuals to come forth in their season whether suddenly, unexpectedly or God ordained their worth to God will be proven in their season of awakening to preach and not their season of wanting to preach.

  • My God Is Awesome5:49

Enduring the ridicule of religious persecution Apostle Hubbard has become a well sought after voice in the gospel circle. His non traditional preaching & teaching has empowered many to seek God for themselves for answers to their destiny, anointing and direction of their ministry. A mentor to many who have come out the religious system of church Apostle Hubbard has introduced a system of checks and balances. To keep title hungry and attention seeking believers away his messages are evident that many do not study to show themselves approved but just repeat what they have heard or experienced from other leaders.

Book Publishing

A prolific and amazing author Apostle Hubbard also operates and amazing book publishing company. Understanding the mandate of equipping the saints goes beyond revelation. But providing the tools to release their end-time revelation to the world go ahead and give them a call.