Apostle Dedric Hubbard

Apostle Dedric Hubbard has taken religion by the tail and has it on the run. Since being called to ministry in 2006 he has become a major force in the ministry circles. As not being one to boast he does not post ministerial obituaries. “There is no reason to show off ministry progress and connections to be accepted as a minister” he is noted as saying. Apostle Hubbard allows his work, revelation, and knowledge of the Word of GOD to speak for him. Whenever he is asked how he gained such a world-wide international audience he simply shares his testimony. Apostle Hubbard expounds on “getting in trouble with the law early in his adult life which landed him a felony. He remembers saying “God if you get me out of this I will do whatever you want me to do.” Following that he says his life became a blur. He was bitten by a deadly Brown Recluse spider that nearly took his mind, his vision and his leg. While being hospitalized for over a month he lost his landscaping business, eventually his home, and his automobiles.                                               


Although he had recovered from the bite he lost everything and became homeless. While seeking God for answers to his fallen state he began to have visions, dreams, and revelations about the call of God on his life. After acknowledging and accepting his call to ministry, many began to doubt God had actually called him. As he began to teach and release revelations against religious mindsets, controlling leaders, and the spirit of co-dependency among the sheep, he saw himself rejected by fellow friends, leaders and associates. While in this state of rejection he began to doubt his own calling. After a year of wrestling with the revelations, and the wisdom he knew that he was receiving straight from the Lord. It was at that point he understood that God was calling him to teach against the religious doctrine, and man-made obligations that has most believers in bondage. Despite being rejected, after receiving instructions straight from God, Dedric started Destination Destiny Ministries ​in 2008. “I remember God telling me to build a website and get a 1-800 number.” I laughed and said God nobody uses the internet looking for ministry.” Dedric obeyed God despite what he thought to be a ridiculous request. To his surprise, the day after the website was completed and phone line operable, he began to get call after call. When callers were asked how they found him their responses were all the same. God gave them the name Destination Destiny Ministries to type into their search engine, which lead them to the website. It was then Dedric, began to teach about destiny and instructing the people how to live in their God given Destiny.  


After leading Destination Destiny Ministries, God instructed him to start Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center ​in Tallahassee, Florida. As a leap and test of faith Dedric moved to Florida. With the help of Woody Winchell he began to lay the foundation for the ministry. Initially only a few people attended services. However, he had a strong internet following in which Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center was the #1 prophetic website 3 years in a row (2011-2013). This internet exposure is what boosted his ministry to a level that even surprised him. As a result of the revelation, wisdom, and understanding he was releasing to those in which he ministered to, other religious leaders began to blackball his ministry. Since he had been rejected many times before, he used this rejection as motivation to even go harder in releasing the revelations that God had given to him. Finally his wisdom, teachings, and revelations fell upon the ears of those who were destined to hear and receive his message.   


These interactions with those who God had predestined to hear the true revelations of God, has allowed him to establish and help build ministries nationwide. Apostle Hubbard operates in a powerful ministry of empowerment, deliverance, and wisdom. Those who have connected to him grow faster in ministry than they ever expected. Apostle Hubbard empowers those he encounters to believe in themselves and their ministry will appear. A powerful and often rejected man of God because of his rigid yet consistent revelations against religion, he is still growing by leaps and bounds. His no nonsense tell it like “it is” mindset makes him popular among people who are leaving the religious bondage of the church. Apostle Hubbard has been seen on Preach The Word Worldwide Network, and can be heard on Atlanta's Love 860 Radio Station. He hosts his own internet based radio station entitled The Prophetic Roundtable on Blog Talk Radio. Additionally, he has his own radio and TV network The Apostolic Empowerment Network. He is owner of Hubbard Media Service, Prophetic Fire Publishing Company, and Bout That Life Christian Clothing Company. He has written several books and is a world renown speaker. As God continues to use and grow him, he only becomes more of a target for the enemy to attack. However that will never discourage him to empower people who are called to hear him and come out from religious bondage

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