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Apostle Hubbard's School of the Spirit has become a powerful tool of empowerment for many individuals who has entered into the prophetic ministry. Apostle Hubbard openly talks about his personal spiritual experiences with God during one of these visitations he was given the blueprint for this School of the Spirit. Although openly displayed on the website for visitors to view what the class has to offer the qualifications for acceptance to be taught this course is also done in a spiritual manner. In which if accepted to be taught through the School of the Spirit there is a test that must be passed through these questions it helps Apostle Hubbard determine your true calling as well as anointing that God has placed inside of you.

Each course is a 6 - week course and can be taught to individuals, groups and churches as an equipping class for ministry Apostle Hubbard highly recommends that all courses be taken to bring better understanding of how different anointings operate. But to accommodate everyone individual courses can be selected at the students discretion our School of the Spirit is free to covenant partners, mentees, and churches Apostle Hubbard's oversees. To all other individuals the cost is $65 per course and can be done via live-stream or on location of requested ministry or individuals in which accommodations maybe required. This School of the Spirit is for any individual who has trouble tapping into their gifts, confused of their callings, or have trouble finding a mentor to help birth out the gift God has endowed them with to help empower the kingdom. Apostle Hubbard also is available for leaders who have identified or acknowledge the gifts in their perspective churches or ministries but do not have the anointing to help develop or understand there members gifts. Don't die with your gifts inside enroll in the School of the Spirit today! Because of the nature of the one on one counseling spaces are limited an require a non-refundable $25 deposit please email for instructions to

Prophetic Class - Course 1


The Passion of a Prophet - This class deals with the prophet's life from birth to awakening.


A. The life of a Prophet

B. The wounds of a Prophet

C. The call of a Prophet


Class 2 - The Awakening Prophet - This class deals with the training of a prophet.


A. The battle of a Prophet

B. The mind of a Prophet.

C. The place of a Prophet


Class 3 - This class deal with preparing a Prophet to serve in the prophetic office.


A. A Prophet's Job

B. A Prophet's Training

C. A Prophet's Mantle

Advanced Prophetic - Course 2  ​


Spiritual Language - Deals with the language of various ways God communicates with prophets.


A. Dreams, Angels, Spirits

B. Visions, trances, open heaven encounters

C. Prophetic words, phrases, and knowledge


Class 2 Engaging the Heavens - Deals with different ways prophets communicate with angelic forces to bring manifestation on Earth.


A. Angelic forces

B. The 12 keys to Prophetic Authority

C. The Office of the Prophet

Class 3 Operating in Heavenly Authority - Deals with teaching prophets how to operate in prophetic authority in the heavenly realms.


A. The Angelic Doorkeepers

B. Seasons, Times, Rivers, and the Flow of God.

C. Throne Room Encounters

Apostolic Class - Course 3


Class 1 Entering the Heart of God - Deals with the treasures in God's heart.


A. The way Heaven operates

B. The Heart of God

C. The seven spirits before the heart ​

Class 2 Operating in Heaven and Earth - Preparing an apostle on how to operate in apostolic authority.


A. The 24 keys to kingdom authority

B. The watchmen of heaven

C. Opening and closings rivers, gates, and seasons. ​


Class 3 Releasing Spiritual Authority - Teaching the apostle on how to engage in their apostolic authority.


A. The Equipping ministry

B. Decree, demands, and delegation

C. The Apostolic Office

The Priestly Anointing - Course 4


Class 1 - The God Head


A. The Spirit of God

B. The Nature of God

C. The Person of God


Class 2 - The God Head (Jesus)


A. The Spirit of God

B. The Nature of God

C. The Person of God


Class 3 - The God Head (Holy Spirit)


A. The Spirit of the Holy Spirit

B. The Nature of the Holy Spirit

C. The Person of the Holy Spirit


Class 4 - The God Head (We)


A. The Spirit of Us

B. The Nature of Us

C. The Person of Us


Class 5 - The Priestly Office (Us)


A. Rules

B. Responsibilities


The Issachar Anointing


Class 1 - Deals with understanding and operating in the Issachar anointing


A. The Language Of God

B. The nature of the Issachar anointing

C. The interpretation of the Issachar anointing

D. Defining the language of Issachar

E. How the Issachar anointing speaks

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